More Than Chismes

  Two members of Cat 6 Chismes: Jason Colon (left), Gabriel Diaz (right)

Two members of Cat 6 Chismes: Jason Colon (left), Gabriel Diaz (right)

From the bowling alley to the streets, New York’s favorite cycling podcast, Cat 6 Chismes, has been busy since its beginnings in the winter of 2016.

Over the course of the year, the podcast has released seventeen episodes which feature everyone from local couriers, racers, to everyday cyclists - not to mention even its three hosts - Gabriel Diaz, Jason Colon, and Francisco Colon. 

Having met through a blend between courier work and Bike Stop, this trifecta originally looked to broadcast riders retelling their best Cat 6 stories, which is best described as an impromptu race between two strangers during a commute or ride. Guests open up talking about their start on the bicycle, experiences riding in NYC, and whatever is on their mind. Because of all the varying personalities, each interview offers something different and as a result - quickly evolves into chisme; the Spanish word for “gossip.” 

“It was something for the family. Something we could share for whoever is in the scene,” Jason said. 

Listeners may find it unorthodox when they hear the sounds of slamming bowling balls and crashing pins in the background of a cycling podcast.  The three simply decided to combine recording and one of their shared hobbies at Bowlero Queens because of conflicting schedules. Since the introduction of the bowling alley into the episodes, it has proven to be a successful formula for both hosts and guests to let loose and have some fun. 

The Cat 6 crew is currently taking a small break after wrapping up their first season back in December before they start to work on the second. Since then, they've recently hosted a gold sprints party at Nomad Cycles in Queens and their first alley cat race called “The Dead End.” Despite the alley cat’s unfavorable weather conditions, dedicated riders were not too phased to race it out in city traffic for prize money. 

Gabriel, a Queens’ native, felt both events were great ways to stay fresh on their followers’ minds. “When you die out in the street a little bit for too long, you get stale. Then, you come back and people don’t know who you are,” he said. 

Having experienced some controversy at their Black Friday Crit in Central Park two months prior, Cat 6 felt it to be important to dedicate a race to their supporters. "What helped me get over it was the success of the crit and seeing everyone come out and support. All I want to do is to bring people together because we love riding our bikes,” Jason explained. “We have love in the streets. People love us and we love them. This alley cat was for them."

2017 for Cat 6 Chismes is a year aimed to present a variety of happenings, so everyone can have a chance or scenario to get involved  considering a calendar filled with upcoming group rides, races, gold sprints, and of course - new episodes on the podcast. “Last year, we had a good mix of riders with different aspects of what they do in the bicycle community. With the new season, we’re hoping to get people on who have been embedded for years - some O.G.’s,” Gabriel said. 

It won't stop there. Jason, an experienced track and street racer himself, even anticipates to expand a step further and build a competitive cycling team alongside his two podcast comrades and looking to recruit  others with the same level of commitment . 

With the goals this dynamic trio is setting for themselves, they may soon need to "Cat Up" from six. 

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