3.15.15 / Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Standings: (1) Alfred, (2) Cooper, (3) Crihs


Photographer's Notes:
This day will forever be remembered as the moment I wanted to start racing. Despite the dreary weather, I went to the start of the race to snap a few photos and the result was a real eye-opening experience.

It was my first time at a Monster Track, the crème de la crème of all urban alley cats. I wasn’t sure what to expect or who I was going to find.

The race brought forth a community of cyclists from different backgrounds, ages, cliques, and professions. I was particularly surprised by how many young people there were, several well in their teens. Nonetheless, this diverse group of people was an embodiment of the New York spirit.

Videographer and cyclist, Lucas Brunelle, was in attendance and I couldn’t resist walking over to meet him. His cordial demeanor made the encounter so much the better. His renown, Line of Sight, made a profound impact on me (as I’m sure it did for many others) and it was clear he was present with equipment on-hand and ready to film.

Between witnessing the start of the race and Line of Sight’s lasting effect, I began to really understand the romance beneath all the risk, chaos, and adrenaline. There is a certain beauty to it. Alfred Bobé Jr. once described Monster Track as, “…going through the gates of hell, riding through hell, and coming out the back gate without a scratch.” It’s almost poetic.

Shortly after the Le Mans style start of the race, I biked over to Park Avenue and hung around while Christina performed her checkpoint duties. I watched elite riders well on their way to podium, as well as riders totally clueless on where to go - yet they were still having the time of their lives.

It didn’t take long for me to look over at Christina and declare, “I want to do Monster Track next year.”

2016…here we go.