10.30.15 / Sara D. Roosevelt Park, Manhattan / East River Bar, BK
Standings: (1st) Kym Non-Stop (2nd) Iliana (3rd) Becky (4th) Genesis (5th) Aurilla
Photographer’s Notes: It was about time women had a race to call their own. I met Caro and Kenya at the end of the summer. Since then, I’ve run into them at parties, bike events, or even on the street. It’s a pleasure to know them both. They are strong women who exert great energy, optimism, and ambition. That being said…Mala Bruja deserve credit for what they were able to accomplish. This race was planned in a fairly short amount of time. Despite that, word of the race got around fast and 70+ ladies turned up for their chance to shine in the spotlight in what would easily become the largest all-female Alley Cat in NYC…possibly EVER! Congratulations to the Top 5!  However, I must also congratulate all the participants for showing up, supporting each other, and getting their message across. It was especially appealing to find so many male riders from the NYC cycling community present and being supportive, too. For an event not only being big and historic, but also bringing the entire community together - Caro and Kenya have a lot to be proud about.