Shirley & Moe


Shirley Cai & Moe Adams
Relationship: Engaged (dating 2 1/2 years)
Brooklyn, NY

How often do you ride together?
As often as both our schedules permit and weather, of course.

MA: It also depends on what we are doing or where we are going.

Do you think cycling makes a great date?

MA: Biking makes a great date, that's if any one of the two individuals ride and has a passion for cycling. 

Do you think it’s a great way to get to know someone?
MA: I think it's a good way to get to know someone, but not a great way. The reason I feel this way is solely on the fact that I would want to know a person as a whole being as opposed to just on a 'cycling' level. It's a bonus that we share the same interest and passion, but who she is as a person and getting to know her in every possible sense is what does it for me. 

SC: I believe you can definitely know someone on a whole new level when you bike with them, especially when you’re riding with them on NYC streets! (For example, their real temper!)

Where do you often go together by bike?
MA: Usually within NYC we go wherever we may need to go by bike. 

SC: We love coffee and food, so we often bike together to grab food! We, also, often bike just for leisure and exercise (like laps in Prospect Park).

MA: We like to travel out of the state together, and of course, we take our bikes with us as we explore other places.

Has biking together improved your relationship?
SC: Well, I kind of met him because of his bike. He locked up his bike on campus and I used to lock my bike next to his because it was a fixed gear bike. It was definitely a cool looking one, too. Then, I met the owner of that bike. So yeah, not only does it improve a relationship - it starts them, too.

MA: I would like to think that it establishes and gives us a connection that solidifies a relationship that's already holding firm rather than it has improved our relationship.

Overall, what do you think cycling can contribute to a relationship?
Cycling can bring couples together and helps build a stronger relationship.  Since Moe and I share a similar interest. we do a lot more together. We could also talk about cycling 'stuff,' which is awesome. Cycling, as a couple, helps branch out on so many levels: 1) Socially interacting with his friends, which is huge because I'm a very shy person. 2) We share a hobby, which results in more quality time. 3) Definitely don't have to compensate! For ladies that watch their boyfriends play games for hours...Go Bike Together!!!

MA: Cycling for a couple/relationship can do many things. If I had to narrow it down to one thing, it would be that cycling has opened up an avenue for us to not only share interests together, but allowing these interests to manifest itself into sharing time together, whether its here riding in NYC or wherever in the world we decide to travel to. Cycling seems to just allow Shirley and I to have a connection that comes naturally. I wouldn't have it any other way.

What would make the perfect date by bike?
SC: A great date via bike is with the man you love, a bike, and great food (preferably outside somewhere). A picnic would be an awesome date. 

MA: I'd say somewhere open, maybe artsy or full of nature, lunch in the park or an outdoor show. A nice gallery makes for a good date, maybe even heading to your usual favorite spot can turn out to be an eventful day (depending on who your date is of course). Dates that incorporates biking can't really go wrong, it's up to the person honestly and their taste, 
P.S. - If this is your first date with her, just don't take her to a bar or event with hundreds of other bikers, save that for if-and-when you two are actually a couple. 

**Images provided by Shirley & Moe