Kristina & Reggie


Kristina Rodriguez & Reginald Fowle
Relationship: Married (4 Years)
Bronx, NY

How often do you ride together?
RF: As often as possible! That means almost every day even in bad weather.

KR: Definitely as often as possible! However, it almost always feels like it's never enough. Whether it's riding with me to the bridge before work in the city, picking up our little man together, or food shopping - we always try and make time! He is my favorite person to ride with, we just get each other on the streets.

Do you think cycling makes a great date?
KR: Of course! I always forget who said this, but my most favorite bike quote is 'Bicycling is for lovers.' And it really is! Our best dates have been by bike. It's like a regular date, but with a sense of teamwork and accomplishment mixed in. It feels great to make it all the way home (which is UPTOWN) from anywhere in the city. With him being there, it makes me feel invincible.

RF: Biking makes a wonderful date. Ride around, see the sites, stop absolutely any place you want without worrying about cabs, car parking, or a meter to pay. Just find a good post or bike coral and do whatever your hearts desire. Take the West Side Highway Greenway - stop, have a seat, and chat it up.

Do you think it’s a great way to get to know someone?
Without a doubt. It's also a great way to test the strength of an already established couple. It's just another outlet to bond over, a hobby to share, and a passion that blooms.

RF: It's a great way to get to know anyone really, not just dates. Biking the city makes for great conversation starters (sometimes).

Where do you often go together by bike?
 That's a hard one. I have to say everywhere even if its just to do food shopping.  We even have little bickers about who is going to carry what.

KR: We love the greenways! Especially with our little one. We share a mutual love for being by the water and most especially grateful for the Bronx Greenways and use them the most often.

Has biking together improved your relationship?
 I honestly thought we have always been close, even when we met I felt I knew him in another life. Once we started riding together, our team just got stronger. We communicate effectively, we look out for each other, and we have loads of fun. We share a skill not every person has. Everytime we ride together, we just get better.

RF: Relationship wise - it gave us a solid thing in common and not to say we don't have enough in common, but this is something we can learn and grow together from the ground up. Teach each other and pass it down to our son.

Overall, what do you think cycling can contribute to a relationship?
RF: Cycling can bring a couple (even an up-and-coming couple) closer together. Cycling equals pure joy.

KR: It can build trust. It can build better communication skills. It can be something you both enjoy and benefit mentally and physically from. Not to get too into it, but all that can spill over to other...uh...important aspects of a relationship. [wink]

What would make the perfect date by bike?
What wouldn't?! But I'm a sucker for packing a picnic, a blanket, and heading to one of NYC's many parks. Preferably by the water, of course!

RF: The absolute perfect date would be no flats and no pot holes! [laughs]

**Images provided Kristina & Reginald