Ayesha & Will


Ayesha McGowan & William Loyd
Relationship: Engaged (Dating 3 years)
Brooklyn, NY

How often do you ride together?
AM: Very Often!

WL: It feels like all the time, not to sound cliché - but we ride a lot. Whether it's to commute, train, or a leisurely stroll.

Do you think cycling makes a great date?
AM: It’s not really a date if you do it all the time, but it’s great transportation to get to a date! On our first date, we biked together to the movies…that counts, right?

WL: Biking is a great activity to do with anyone! As far as a date goes - that might be leaving the person a bit underwhelmed, but I'll leave that to your own discretion. It can't hurt to add it in though! 

Do you think it’s a great way to get to know someone?
AM: Definitely!

WL: Just like how you can learn a lot from riding solo, alone with your own thoughts - riding with a partner or any group regularly allows you to see a glimpse of their own style, decision making, temperate. etc.

Where do you often go together by bike?
AM: It’s our main form of transportation, so everywhere! We often bike to Queens to visit Wills’ family. 

WL: Besides to Queens for immediate family and friends, we'll usually be on the Gimbel's ride, Prospect Park training, or our favorite movie theater where we ride to a lot.


Has biking improved your relationship?
WL: Cycling has been a great thing for our relationship. It's a common thread between us that originally brought us together. 

AM: It’s been nice to have that common interest for the entire time. I’ve never done the non-biking boyfriend thing, but I can imagine it’s super inconvenient and wouldn’t work out for me.

Overall, what do you think cycling can contribute to a relationship?
WL: It all helps when your partner understands why you want that new component. Or why it's important to bring the bike on that road trip/vacation. Not to mention the immediate benefits of a healthy lifestyle! 

AM: For me, it’s made our relationship super fun and exciting!

What would make the perfect date by bike?
AM: I really love when we go anywhere together on a tandem. You can't help, but laugh the ENTIRE time because it's beyond hilarious. People on the sidewalks love it, too! You have a lot of fun interactions with strangers!

WL: The perfect date via bike is one centered around complete freedom/fluidity. Freedom from norms and standards usually associated with 'big deal' social pressures. One thing about cycling I love is the absence of 'the right or wrong way' attitude present in many other lifestyles and activities. You can actually truly be yourself. So if you can find someone that will buy into this crazy hobby, then how could you not have a good time? If it's one thing we can all agree on, it's cyclists know how to have a good time! For some that makes the best bar routes, while others the obscure scenic views, etc. Kinda sounds like a damn good date to me, no? 

**Images provided by Ayesha & Will