Chelsea & Jon

  Image courtesy of Hannah Todd

Image courtesy of Hannah Todd


Chelsea Matias & Jonathan Monserrate
Relationship: Dating 2 years
Bronx, NY

How often do you ride together?
JM: Whenever we can.

CM: Whether it’s going to the store or supermarket, we always riding together. We rarely ever walk anywhere. If we want to go to the diner, we’re just going to ride our bikes there.

Do you think cycling makes a great date?
JM: YEAH! It’s super cheap!

CM: Not only that!! You can pretty much go anywhere! One time we rode to Glen Island in New Rochelle. It’s a beautiful scene. We just sat by the beach and watch the tide come up. It’s fun riding together regardless of where we’re going. 

JM: We actually found a lot of good food spots just because we were riding a bike. You wouldn’t notice these places by driving, taking the train, or bus.

Do you think it’s a great way to get to know someone?
 Definitely! You can tell if someone is short-tempered by the way they ride. My attitude has improved a lot from cycling. Before I was very short-circuited, but now I’m a little more calm. I can observe things now and have more metal time to react to them.

JM: Yeah, she is not yelling at cabs anymore! You can tell a lot by the way someone rides: how aggressive they act or timid, how fast they react to certain things, or if they can they handle a stressful situation in traffic. Little things like that. It shows up in a person’s personality for sure. I know it sounds fuckin’ weird, but I swear to God it’s true. 

Where do you often go together by bike?
We like to go up Boston Road. It's a road that stretches far up into Connecticut if you take it north. We'll try and see how far north we can go until we stop and see something we like. 

  Image courtesy of Jon & Chelsea

Image courtesy of Jon & Chelsea

Has biking together improved your relationship?
Yeah! Communication,'s the best hobby to share. We race together. We get to go to places together because we have that common interest. It has made things easier.

CM: It does because then you would have to constantly worry about the person who didn't bring their bike with them if you're with a group. If all my other friends brought their bikes, I would also like to bike through the scenic surroundings.

Overall, what do you think cycling can contribute to a relationship?
It gave me a lot more trust in Jon. I’m directionally-challenged sometimes so I would be following him. If we’d go on a highway, I’d be right behind him. I give my life into his hands. I’m trusting him not to mess up. When you have that trust in the person, it creates a stronger relationship. It’s a different kind of trust.

JM: It definitely builds on communication!

What would make the perfect date by bike?
CM: The perfect date on a bike would definitely be to Rye Playland up Boston Road. During the summertime, Jon and I would spend the morning out there. The ride would take like 30 minutes or less, beautiful views, smooth roads, and when you get there it's just so sweet to lay in the grass at the park and eat at our favorite Brunch diner near by the theme park. It literally closes after brunch, only mimosas and breakfast served. Super cheap, super cute; romantic as hell! 

JM: For me, it would ideally be on a day where it's perfect enough to ride to an already captivating destination outside of the city, good conversation riding side by side, enjoying each other's company, and with damn good food stops after all the journey to your destination - it's half the fun.