12.5.15 / American Museum of Natural History / Pioneer Bar
Standings: (1st) Doug, (2nd) Devin, (3rd) Diego / (1st Female) Myrna

Photographer’s Notes:
I have gotten to know the CrankShift team throughout the past year. We originally worked together on a Spoke & Word (If you haven’t read it, click here.)  They are a fine group of young New Yorkers. From alley cats, crits. to the velodrome - you will find them out there. With several coveted Chrome jerseys in the closet and races wins, they are talented as they are humble. 

Their Museum Rush was the last event I would attend this year. What I left with were laughs, good times, and fond memories. A great way to close-out my 2015. For racers, it would be one of the last few chances to earn the coveted jersey. CrankShift didn’t make it easy to get it either. A tricky manifest was distributed which contained several intentionally fake checkpoints/museums. Thus, leaving it up to the racers to determine which were the real museums and plan their route accordingly. Those who won deserved it for their speed and judgement.

Between all the races, traveling, organizing events, as well as living their own lives - it’s been a busy year for CrankShift. What’s next for them in 2016? With whatever it is, I’m sure successes will be sure to follow.