Mundo: "SHOWTIME!"


11.21.15 / Hudson Yards Park / Manhattan
Photographer’s Notes: This would mark my 3rd consecutive Cranksgiving. It's not by accident. It has become of one my favorite and most anticipated events of the year. Why? You will never find a more diverse group of cyclists (in style, age, background, etc) in one place for a good cause (at least from my experience). While the event originates as an Alley Cat race for Messenger community, it has evolved into something more. Every year, Crankgiving grows in numbers and expands further to other cities around the country. What I admire most about this event is you make what you want of it. You can treat it as race, solely a charity ride, choose a short route, or spice it up by going with the long route. It is a great introduction for beginners to bike in NYC. There is no reason not to have a good time.