Ahhhh Spring is in the air.

Who are we kidding, right? It certainly doesn’t feel like it. If you were at the Kissena Velodrome last Sunday, you’d know what I’m talking about and agree with little to no contention. 

Despite the abysmal windy conditions, there was no stopping 93 racers from reaping their chances at glory. Not even with 50-60 mph wind gusts.

The atmosphere was exciting and electric. Participants were noticeably eager, yet nervous. For several, including myself, this wasn’t just the first official race of the season, but also their first ever official race on a track. And what a day for it, huh?!

6 Days of Kissena #1 brought out several familiar riders. Quite a few whom I’ve seen at alley cats and other bike-related events. I heard through the grapevine this season was going to bring out a lot of fresh faces and Cat 5 would going to be competitive. So far from the looks of it, it appears to be true. 

I didn’t come away with much from my three races on Sunday. I finished dead last in all three. There isn’t anything I could say to justify my placement either. My legs just weren’t there. I had even felt them slacking the week going into race day. Self-loathing aside, there were positives which came out of the experience. Based on a talented display by the riders in my group, the result showed me my weaknesses and the areas I need to work on. 

Several of my peers have extended their hand by giving me pointers or offering to help me improve. It goes to show the kind of atmosphere the velodrome can be. Those gestures don’t go unrecognized or unappreciated. 

Since then, I’ve been gradually introducing strength-building exercises into my routine to improve my power. 

Come 6 Days of Kissena #2 - I’m sprinting to write a different story.