Born on the Fourth of July

IMG_2949 LED.jpg

BBQ, beer, and fireworks were on many people's agenda this past 4th of July weekend. Shit, it was definitely on mine. 'Merica! 

Despite BYC not being very active on the site and across social media last week in the build-up to the holiday weekend, my mind certainly didn't check out. 

Since the year started, I've attended and witnessed more cycling events such as Monster Track, Red Hook Crit, The Bridge Battle, the Red Bull Mini-Drome, and gold sprints.  I've mostly attended these events to take photos. There has been an idea cooking for several weeks now and I guess you can say my head finally went DING.

Having already discussed the idea with some of my friends and cycling peers, nearly all have either given me the thumbs up or have said to me, "I'm surprised it has taken you this long." Well, the fever finally got me. I've decided that I want to start competing. 

Why?! To be perfectly honest, I'm growing a bit tired of being on the sidelines. Don't get me wrong - I thoroughly enjoy being behind a camera and snapping photos. Trust's not going to stop. But another reason for making the decision to compete is to prove something to myself. I don't know how far I'm willing to take it, but it's simply a personal test on how I will hold up against some of the city's best riders. 

As much as I will take every race/competition I choose to participate in seriously, I'm also not setting the bar very high. There is a lot of talented and much more experienced cyclists out there.

At the current moment, I've decided to compete in a street race at the end of this month and ride in the NYC Century in September. Now, I know the Century is not a race, but I have the full intention of doing the 100 miles. I figured it give me motivation to start training and get into racing shape. 

See you out there!