RECAP: Red Bull Mini Drome 2015

Last Friday night, whether it was to compete or spectate - the NYC cycling community came out in numbers to experience and witness something special in Maspeth, Queens.

A combination of teams and last year's participants made up the 64 fixed-gear racers for the 2015 edition of the much anticipated Mini Drome. What made this event so unique? Well...just look at it! It was neither your typical indoor velodrome nor venue. 

Red Bull took (if I dare say) an X-Games approach to a velodrome and literally twisted it into a Figure 8 smack down in the middle of what appeared to be an abandoned and deteriorated dance/recital hall. Hey, I loved that the paint was peeling off, graffiti tags covering the walls, and staircases on its last days. It gave the setting some character. 

I didn't know what quite to expect since it was my first year in attendance. There were several photos and video clips being posted and shared on social media in the lead up to the big event. However after what I saw on Friday night, I damn wished I competed!  

Every racer battled the clock for five laps, whether it was individually or head-to-head, in an effort to achieve the best time.  Yes, there were some spills. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt or injured (I believe). 

Congratulations to the Winners: 
(Team): 1. Deluxe Cycles (Bed-Stuy) 2. Charli&co. (NYC) 3. Dah Shop (LES)
(Individual): 1. Addison Zawada (FL) 2. Ryan Locasicio (Bronx) 3. Matt Reyes (SF)

I leave you with some images from the Mini Drome. Be sure to check out my photos on the blog tomorrow for individual racers performing their runs.