Destructive Construction

  Current View from the Fruit Street Sitting Area

Current View from the Fruit Street Sitting Area

The term "gentrification" is one used often these days. As New Yorkers, we all have our thoughts and opinions about it. I'm sure as hell no different. 

On Sunday, I went on the first of many rides this year over to the Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO, and Vinegar Hill neighborhoods. Has anyone taken a walk through the Brooklyn Heights Promenade lately?  When you reach the Fruit Street Sitting Area, you might notice something missing. Oh right! That would be a view of the Brooklyn Bridge. 

To say the least, hundreds of thousands of visitors come to the Promenade every year to get a glimpse of one of the most impressive views of the downtown skyline and Brooklyn Bridge this borough and city has to offer. Isn't that worth preserving?

While we are complaining about fare hikes (don't get me started), brushing your teeth with craft beer, or having a pissing contest on who loves NYC more, there are serious changes in our cityscapes happening right under ours noses and without contention. This city continues to lose thanks to new construction like this, new luxury high-rise building and more. This (along with many others) deserves some attention. 

To quickly summarize here, the developers of The Pier House are surpassing the approved height (100 feet) on the ground of which it's being built and resulting in the obstruction of the view of the bridge. Sneaky Sneaky!

You can find more information and learn more about what's happening on If you really love this city like you portray across social media, then prove it by clicking here and sign the petition. 

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