Time of the Season

  View of the Midtown Skyline from Roosevelt Island

View of the Midtown Skyline from Roosevelt Island

We've been graced with some great weather for the past week or two. So unless Mother Nature cares to surprise us with her twisted sense of humor, then we should be in the clear of cold weather and snow for at least the next 8-9 months. 

How can you tell Spring is here? 

Despite the increased numbers of short-tempered roadies scoffing at you for ever dare sharing the same lane as them (please excuse their bitterness for failing to qualify for the Tour de France), these mild days have brought out those hibernating cyclists out of their caves and awaken some new blood since it seems more and more people are becoming conscious of...well..just how awesome it is to ride a bike.

Kudos to those who have managed to bike through the winter. It was nice to be a Winter Warrior, but I don't mind trading it in for better weather and seeing more riders out on the street. Pfff, the Spring is already turning me into a softy. 

  Cherry Blossoms at Roosevelt Island 

Cherry Blossoms at Roosevelt Island 

What else are people wired about besides riding in this weather? That's right...m*%^tha f*`#ing CHERRY BLOSSOMS! As I observed during a short ride to Roosevelt Island over the weekend, the trees are beginning to bloom. Soon enough they'll be covered with more pink than a Playtex box. 

Checking out the cherry blossoms is a very Spring thing to do, especially if you're into the idea of triggering your seasonal allergies. Roosevelt Island and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden will have lots of visitors which can turn you off, but treat yourself to some color and fresh air. It was a long winter, remember?

In honor of Spring, I changed up (AGAIN) the BYC website with a different look and improved navigation. It is still a work in progress and some cleaning up will be necessary. In general, go nuts!

The Homepage Gallery Slideshow will feature some of my personal favorites, popular selects, as well as recently taken photos. It will share the spoils with my Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr accounts.

The "riding" season has started out GREAT with Bike Your City reaching 500 Facebook Likes. Many thanks to everyone following me and spreading the love (with a special shout out to Jason a.ka. Buckets). This attention doesn't go unappreciated and only drives me more to do bigger and better things to give back. 

P.S. Now if only my Twitter could be as popular! Yeah I know my Twitter sucks, but I'll get the hang of it.