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We survived the Winter! 

Whether or not we've managed to ride throughout the winter, it's safe to say we're all happy Spring is here and looking forward to warmer days. While Spring signifies the start of the riding season for many, it is also the start of potential new faces joining the cycling community.

Since Day One, BYC has been trying to bring awareness on how cycling cannot only make a better commute, but also a better lifestyle. What better time than now! Especially our dear friends at the MTA were thoughtfully enough to raise the fares. 

If you found yourself infuriated at the news (given this isn't the first and won't be the last fare hike), here is your chance to do something about it! Simply stop relying on the MTA to provide quality service. The NYC population grows by the thousands each year, more crowded trains, MTA service worsens, and somehow fares go up. Catch my drift?

I figured it can be helpful for people to be shown the door in order for them to walk through it, so I'm re-introducing two tools available on this site.

Your First Bike lists options on where one can purchase a used bicycle at an affordable cost. Second, NYC Bikes Shops provides a map with all the shops throughout the five boroughs. I might have missed a few and if I did - I apologize. Just send me a note or an email with the information.

These links can also be found by clicking on the "BYC" link at the very top of the page.

I hope this helps! Happy Riding!