More Than Fixed-On-Love

Hello. It’s been awhile.

I hope I didn’t make anyone nauseous with the Fixed-On-Love series. Let’s be real though! It was kinda nice!

Why would an anti-Valentine’s Day grouch like myself publish such a thing? Well, I certainly didn’t feature these couples just for the sole purpose of Valentine’s Day. I seized the moment and opportunity to...well...who doesn’t enjoy a good love story, right?!

These special interviews were much more than just about love. Despite these couples sharing a passion in common, I selected this topic to display the allurement of cycling and break away from any uniform perception that bike riding is nothing more than an activity.  

I enjoy going on long solo rides, but I also value companionship. A joint ride is a bonding experience, if you want it to be. Whether it's with a friend or significant other, some things don't always have to be practiced alone. 

As you read from these posts, cycling can be used as a means to break the ice, establish a connection, or simply solidify on a current one while revisiting familiar places or discovering new ones. It’s safe to say - it can be very rewarding, especially in this fine city we all call home. 

Get out there!

Ride Free.