The V-Word

Let's talk about the V-Word...

Valentine's Day! You're right. Those were two words, but you get the picture. For anyone who knows me, Valentine's Day doesn't make the cut as my favorite Hallmark holiday. However, I figured this year I'd set aside my grumpy ways and observe it - but in BYC fashion.

It's been known that cycling can bring the community together, Why not love, too? Couples who are ride together stay together after all, right?

For the next few days up until V-Day, I'm paying homage to love and NYC couples who ride together in a little segment called Fixed on Love by asking each pair a series of questions on dating with bikes and how riding can affect and influence a relationship based on their experience.

As you will read and discover yourselves, biking your city is capable of being much more than just a thing to do on the weekend. It can be a part of your everyday life, as well as a shared experience.

For the 1st Fixed-On-Love couple, we head to the Bronx. Click here to read.