The Warriors Race Happened

 Poster by  Stayalivenyc

Poster by Stayalivenyc

From dusk till dawn, the Warriors DID come out and play this past Saturday night! And what a night it was!

Warriors from all over the country, such as Boston, Philadelphia, D.C., and more, hit the streets of New York in only the 2nd edition of this epic race; its last occurrence in 2002. 

The best way to understand the concept of the Warriors Race is to do yourself a favor by 1) watching The Warriors movie and 2) watching the video of the 1st race.

Now, I did both my homework, but unfortunately, I was unable to assemble a team in time for the race. Nonetheless, I knew I had to reach out to hosts Cyclehawk and Track or Die NYC to be a part of the experience and volunteer.

Gangs needed to follow and complete a manifest of photo and activities checkpoints provided by the event's instagram account in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. Certainly more than enough to keep them occupied.

For those who participated, you might recall me at the La Plaza Cultural in Alphabet City as the Sumo Referee watching you battle for gang supremacy! A fun checkpoint to watch if you were in the neighborhood.

Throughout the night, I discovered new neighborhoods (particularly in the Bronx), met some great people (e.g. Ben, Bill, Moe, Sally) and reminded myself how close-knit the bicycle community can be.

I can't give you the full rundown. It was just one of those things, where you had to be there! 

Nearly 300 riders spent 10 hours on their bikes to get to from the Bronx to Coney Island. Once you arrived at the finished line at around 6am, there was nothing better to look at (besides breakfast) than that beautiful sunrise.

Congratulations to all the participants! A special thanks to Cyclehawk, T.O.D. NYC, and the event sponsors for organizing an awesome ride to be remembered by many!


Squid, thanks for letting me tag along! I hope I didn't slow you down too much haha. 

For a photo recap of the ride, go to the Cyclehawk homepage or WarriorsNYC on instagram.

See you all on the streets!

Ride Free.

-Bike Your City