One Revolution at a Time

Whenever I am asked about the origins and hopes of Bike Your City, there are many ways I could answer them.

However, there is only one, which sums it all up...inspiration. Over the past few days, I've received some unexpected messages concerning myself and BYC. 

I thought I would share them.

  • "It appears you're having any amazing summer (if Facebook is to be believed). I just wanted to say it's really impressive and a bit inspiring to see your dedication to your creation, Bike Your City. I've read your blogs (top notch) and scrolled the pictures, and I consistently look forward to the new additions and improvements you make every week. I know you're often modest concerning your baby, but it's quite an achievement that I'm sure will continue to bring you personal pleasure and legions of fans. Hopefully, I can grab one of those BYC caps in the future."

  • "Well, I didn't think I could actually do it, but today, I did! Thank you for the inspiration! This girl just biked to the MET (work). It was physically much easier than I thought. Really not bad at all. Cars are always a little scary at points. Overall, it was exhilarating! I don't want winter to come!. You were the first person in my close circle who commuted this way. It, definitely, gave me the extra push to try."

Thank you Josh and Myriam for the touching remarks. I guess I'm doing something right, huh?

Ride Free.

-Bike Your City