The Declaration of Fixed-dependence

I'm single. Single-speed that is.

It has been a little over a week now since my return from Ecuador (trip recap soon to come.) At this point, I'm already readjusted to all things NY. Besides getting reacquainted with the typical street noise, pizza, and people - I introduced myself to something new. A bike!

After several months of contemplation, I finally kicked and joined the fixed/single-speed family! There are many great bike models out there and it surely wasn't easy deciding on one. 

I've been riding around my 10-speed road bike for nearly 9 months. I love that damn bike, especially its friction shifters at the end of the drop bars. But like all road bikes, you do come across issues with the derailleur and shifting from time to time.

2013 Fuji Feather.JPG

How did I finally choose a bike? I was yearning for something lighter, easier to maintain, already carried the components I wanted, and of course..had some style to it. The 2013 Fuji Feather gave me all of that. (A special thanks to the people at Bike Stop in Astoria.)

I get it. People often associate fixed-gear and single-speed bikes with messengers or so-called hipster culture. But whether you see it that way or not, these riders are obviously onto something. It's just a practical bike for all year round - plain and simple.

My first days were definitely an adjustment. At times, I did feel I wasn't going fast enough and getting over the 59th Street Bridge was a bit of a struggle. But like all hurdles, you get over them.

After riding this new addition almost every day since, my endurance. acceleration. and overall condition have improved. 

If this is what happens when riding a fixed/single-speed, then thank you forefathers for giving us fixed-dependence.

Ride Free.