New York's Spring Appetite

 W.53rd Street & Broadway

W.53rd Street & Broadway

The reminiscence of NYC’s 2013-2014 winter is a painful one. This past winter made the Top 10 for the most snow activity in this city’s history. January and February’s combined snowfall alone became the most ever recorded.

Winters here can hit or miss - with New Yorkers escaping a typical season with mild weather and little to no snow some years. However, Mother Nature decided to grace us with her presence this year.

At times, it seemed the snow would never melt and winter’s end was nowhere in site.

New Yorkers have been desperate for the warm sun and fair weather throughout the month of March. Many taking advantage of light clothing on those 2-3 days of temperatures above 50°F. (It’s always a fun blend to watch on the streets of New York. A fashion fluster: Winter vs. Spring.)

But at last!! Here Comes the Sun! Spring is finally here!! 

New York, it’s time to come out and play!