The Making of "Cranksgiving 2014: A BYC Experience"

   Mundo  / Photo provided by  Johnnie OIivan  

Mundo / Photo provided by Johnnie OIivan 

Moving sucks! 

It's been a crazy couple of days in getting myself re-organized, but I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things. Yesterday was the first time in about a week that I ride my bike. Even despite the rain, I was happy to be back on it. 

Cranksgiving! What hasn't been said about it already? Well, it was my 2nd time participating and it didn't disappoint. As I mentioned before, Cranksgiving is a special event for many reasons. Foremost, it's for a great cause. Whether you treat it as a race or simply a charity ride, the cycling community really comes together.  Everyone really seems to enjoy themselves.

This second time around - I was more experienced and in better condition than 2013. As a result, I took the long-route. Like the year before, it brought out my competitive spirit. I was happy to see many familiar faces at the start and along the way. People I've had the pleasure of meeting throughout the year, as well those I've kept in touch since last year. One great thing I do love about the event is meeting new and like-minded people. One such person was Caleb Olson

If you ever came across Bike Cruisade on its homepage or Instagram, then you'd quickly learn Caleb biked across America in less than 60 days! He didn't do it just to be a bad-ass (although I'm sure that's also part of it). He did it to spread the word about Street Soccer USA, a non-profit he is proud to be a part of that uses soccer to fight homelessness. 

Now, if you've seen my Cranksgiving video - you would think that Caleb and I were long-time buds. Nope. In fact, we met for the first time just 30 minutes before the start of Cranksgiving and as you could tell by the video we ripped through NYC. I'm pleased with the way the video came out. 

Moe Adams made an appearance, too. What we both found humorous was that his Spokin' Word interview was published just two weeks before and we ended up crossing each other on multiple times throughout the race. He definitely gave me that extra push to keep up. Hats off to you sir! 

I was greatly inspired and blown away by Lucas Brunelle's Line of Sight. He was able to capture the essence and excitement of an Alley Cat on video. It hypes me up every time I watch the NYC part. For those who don't ride here, NYC is a unique place so I decided to make the video to show people the thrill of riding in Manhattan. I probably wouldn't have made the video a year ago, but I feel I had grown a lot as a rider and much improved on my confidence and capabilities to put something together.

Even though, the event may not be on the same scale like many other Alley Cats, Cranksgiving was 21 miles of pure adrenaline. I understand why people enjoy them so much. I guess for the same reason people like skydiving. It's about the rush! Even the very next day, it was all a blur. Luckily, I have the video to remember it by. 

It sure beats the TODAY show experience.