A Busy BYC Bee

  Sanchez (left) vs. Jonathan of CrankShift (right)  Gold Sprints Men's Final at t he   Bikestock   1st Anniversary Party

Sanchez (left) vs. Jonathan of CrankShift (right)
Gold Sprints Men's Final at the Bikestock 1st Anniversary Party

This past weekend was one filled with both business and pleasure. On Friday night, Bikestock celebrated their 1st Anniversary with an open door to bike lovers (or not) at the Pine Box in Bushwick. They were gracious enough to treat guests with music, drink specials, and a Gold Sprints contest! I took the time to chat with the founders of Bikestock, whom I believe have a very original and special product. For those unfamiliar, I'm sure you will come across one of their convenient vending machines filled with replacement tubes, accessories, food, drink, and more soon enough. Expansion is in the works, but in the meantime - you can find their locations here.

Throughout the night, I got to meet some new faces and some recognizable ones, too, such as the people of CrankShift - a local New York based cycling team. I've come across them several times participating in NYC events throughout the year. It certainly was an added bonus to finally meet them. They're a great group of individuals. Be sure to check them out here.

The event, also, sparked my first ever participation in Gold Sprints. While I hoping to be blessed with beginner's luck, it wasn't meant to be as I finished just shy of last place. Yussss!! It was a lot of fun, but certainly not easy compared to the way first-place winner, Jonathan, made it look. I'll do better next time ;)

The remainder of the weekend was summed up by two photo-shoots and interviews for upcoming Spokin' Words to be published in the coming weeks. There was no shortage of great material. I can't wait to start working on them. These next Spokin' Words are slightly going in a different direction, but of course still very much with the same core. Hint: You may recognize these next two "Mystery" Spokin' Words from the bike community.

  Mystery Word #1

Mystery Word #1

  Mystery Word #2

Mystery Word #2

I never did get a chance to make it out to the NYC Festival of Lights.

Was it any good?