One Big Flashback Friday

  Summer 2013, 5-Pointz

Summer 2013, 5-Pointz

A little over a year ago on a late summer day, an idea came to me. It was something fresh and completely different than anything I've ever done. The idea was deeply rooted with a feeling and urge to start a project because it came at a time when I had already spent years searching for that one thing in life. That one thing to focus on that envelops all that you are and motivates you to do better. 

Bike Your City, let alone riding, has completely changed my life. What had initially started as a project to advocate riding bicycles (as an alternative mode of transportation) quickly turned into my life.

Since the BYC story began, it has been nothing but a fulfilling and enriching experience. Exposed to a world I never knew existed. My initial ignorance led me to believe I was a lone-wolf in all of this. I couldn't have been more wrong. There is a whole NYC culture and network of passionate riders out here. There is nothing new about it, as it has been alive and kicking for many years. People, like myself, are just finally catching on. In addition, there are plenty of people and organizations fighting for the same causes I am. 

To think, all this came from simply hopping on a bicycle and pedaling away. 

Throughout the year, I've met an abundance of interesting and amazing people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Many of them I know I will get to know better in the coming years. 

Looking back now. I have quite the list of accomplishments:

  • Participated in my 1st Cranksgiving
  • Inspired three of my close-friends to commute by bike
  • Experienced two bike crashes (resulting in injury)
  • Attended a few T.A. meetings 
  • Commuted to work by bike about 8 months out of the year
  • Took a Bike Maintenance class at Bicycle Habitat
  • Rode the TD Five Boro Bike Tour (40 miles)
  • Purchased my 1st single-speed/track bike
  • Pulled an all-nighter riding from the Bronx to Coney Island helping out at The Warriors Race (from dusk to dawn)
  • Made two rides out to Rockaway Beach and back (63 miles)
  • Did the Tour de Bronx (40 miles)
  • 500 Instagram followers
  • 300 Facebook followers

Bike Your City's 1st Anniversary milestone is not so much a celebration about BYC, but a celebration of you. Thank you all for your love and support! Especially those who believed in me since day one and those I met along the way.

Clémence, your love and support have been the blood and veins of BYC, even despite the distance. Thank you for being there from the very beginning.
I love you.

Bryan, I honestly couldn't have done BYC without you. You have been a great friend, an inspiring mind, and one of the most creative people I know.
Fire and Ice forever!

Clément, it's been a year since your visit. Between Paris and NY - you certainly left you mark. Your passion for riding was entirely contagious and now I may never recover. Thanks for being my first interview!
À bientôt mon ami. 

I still have plenty to learn and even more to share.

This is only the beginning.

Ride Free.

-Bike Your City