Spokin' Words Are Never Empty

The Spokin' Word series is perhaps my favorite section of Bike Your City. During this existing and growing bicycle movement, the idea is to take you to the streets of NYC through a series of interviews from a diverse selection of riders. NYC is a place that thrives through its diversity, so I deem it only appropriate to represent that through the people I interview.

I've said it before...bike riders are more than just people on wheels. We're entrepreneurs, musicians, students, parents, artists, politicians, athletes, and so on. Each individual has a story and they all tend to be a little different based on their experiences - yet what binds us together is our passion and love for riding bikes.

Even within the cycling community, there are so many sub-cultures and I hope to one day give each one its fair time.  I know it may sound a bit cheesy, but my intention is to bring us a little closer together, when there are already so many things that segregate us in the real world. I genuinely love meeting and sharing ideas with people. Coming from the very people who live it, their words are the ultimate classroom in learning the past, present, and future by providing a look inside and a better understanding of biking in NYC. Hopefully, all this will result in improving our recognition and coexistence on the road.

I look forward to continue meeting new and exciting people, so I can share their story with you via the Spokin' Word. Check out the latest here.

Ride Free.