Roadtrip & Cranksgiving

This past weekend I escaped NYC for a few days by taking a small road trip to Montreal. It would be the first time in seven years that I had actually driven for so many hours. It turns out to be my last visit for a very long time.  

There were two things I rediscovered during this experience.

  1. I hate driving. No, but I mean REALLY hate it. Having to sit on my ass for hours and doing close to nothing couldn't be more boring. The scenery is very nice though. I've met people who've actually done the trip to Montreal from NYC via bicycle. I'm sure you can understand my envious reaction. Perhaps something to try in the future?
  2. The food options on the road are the worst. There isn't a shortage of places to eat, but there is a shortage of real food. I try to stay away from fast food, but sometimes there isn't any other option available. (Bonus: I stepped into a Roy Rogers! I didn't think those were still around!)
  A Snowy Sunday Morning in Montreal

A Snowy Sunday Morning in Montreal

Sunday morning greeted me with light snow, but I left in time to escape anything worse. It's officially snow season in Canada. After last year's brutal winter, I'm just not ready for the sight snow at home yet. 

The holiday season is approaching, which means temperatures are dropping and bring up questionable days to ride. My intention is continue to ride throughout the winter. Some new apparel is necessary if I want to take it seriously. 

  my route last Cranksgiving

my route last Cranksgiving

Regardless of my pursuit of winter riding, things are starting to slow down and this Saturday's Cranksgiving could be the end of my season on the events front for the year. At last year's event, BYC was only about a month old and it was my first ever being in a ride/race. I finished 48 out of 305. It was a lot of fun and great to meet so many riders, several whom I've continued to see throughout the year. I look forward to more of the same this time around. 

However, this high was sobered by an accident with police tape (weird, I know) on the way home from Cranksgiving. I suffered a fractured elbow, which left me off the bike for about 3 months. Since then, I've put in a lot of miles and been consistently riding throughout the year. This Saturday, I'll be looking to do better.

I'm ready!