A Bronx Tale

 Tour de Bronx 2014

Tour de Bronx 2014

This past Sunday, I participated in the 2014 Tour de Bronx along with a record 6,000 others. After Staten Island, the Bronx is my 2nd least familiar borough and not for any particular reason either. It's just one of those things.  I'm not a Yankees fan (that's right!), no relatives living there, friends who prefer to hang out besides the Bronx, and I've been only been to the zoo and Botanical Garden less than a handful of times.

It was about time I gave the great borough of the Bronx its close-up.

For many, the Bronx has a bit of a bad rep. Locals are aware. One such borough native once comically described it to me as "the Wild West." Yes, it certainly has its rough areas. But which borough doesn't?!

In this current wave of NYC gentrification, I'd say the Bronx is a gem and still very New York out of the five boroughs. You can interpret that as you would like. It's a place filled with beautiful parks, breathtaking views, lovely neighborhoods, and lively people. 

I could continue, but after riding through the Bronx River Pathway, City Island, Pelham Bay Park, and Riverdale - you'd have to witness it for yourself.

Besides braving those hills, there were plenty of happy faces on bicycles throughout the tour. That must mean something, right? It was a great way for anyone to explore more of the borough's quality. I'd recommend the event to everyone, but if you have an adventurous spirit --- then don't wait until next year.

Go. Ride Free.